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Betting on hockey: general rules of the game

Hockey is a well-known game all around the world. Millions of its fans go nuts with hockey superstars and die for visiting the main matches, like the NHL final match. That’s why there is no wonder why betting on hockey becomes more and more popular almost everyday. In order to stay up to date let’s figure out the general rules of the game and how they can help in gambling.

What is the main goal in hockey?

In the game two teams compete against each other with the goal to put a puck into the opponent’s net as many times as possible during the match. At the same time, stickhandlers strive to prevent the opposing team from scoring goals.

How many players take part and what do they do?

Each team acts out 6 stickhandlers playing on the rink. Among them:
1 goalkeeper: The player is in charge of protecting the net from opposing goals, he/she touches the puck with his hands and cannot go beyond the midfield.
2 defenders: They usually position themselves on the same line in the defense zone. The main task is to avoid the opponent’s attacks.
1 centre: This is an attacking stickhandler, a striker. Generally he/she is the one who is the most active during the match and who scores the most goals.
2 wingers: They are also attackers, disposed one by one on each side of the rink. These athletes are in charge of setting up the attacking plays.
However, remember that each team consists of about 25 players, who are rotated throughout the match.

How many rotations can be fulfilled during a meeting?

There is no limit. Each team can make as many rotations as they see fit. These may be made during the game, without stopping the game period.

How long does the hockey game last and how is it divided?

Every match consists of 3 periods of 20 minutes each. Time runs only while the puck is in motion.
In each period, the crews have the right to request a time-out of 30 seconds. Among periods there is a 15 minutes break.
If at the end of regulation time there is a draw, an extra time of 5 minutes is played. The first team to score a goal is the winner in spite of how many minutes left.
If the draw remains, the winner is decided by a penalty shootout.

What does the hockey rink look like?

The rink is rectangular and divided into 3 zones: neutral, defense and attack ones. The last two are reversed according to the direction of play at any given moment.

How can this information help in betting on hockey?

Actually, success is in detail. The basic knowledge of the game’s rule will help you to puzzle out the sport and notice tiny coach hints that such details remain. For sure, it’s important to choose the right type of bet, the stake with the best odds, the appropriate team which is able to win, but you will never do this without knowing, for example, how many stickhandlers take part in a match. Imagine, the team X announced the roster where only one centre is represented, that means no-one is allowed to rotate this sportsman during the match. Not knowing this you may place a bet on the wrong team which is not likely to win.

To sum up: is preparedness the key to gain on hockey betting?

Of course, it’s not a guarantee of winning, but if the gamester is well-prepared and has an eye for the basics of the sport he/she bets on – the risk to lose reduces significantly. Don’t dismiss studying, although betting on hockey is perceived as entertainment, it demands making efforts to succeed here.

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