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Patrick Kane did a hat trick on his return to the ranks

After a long absence, the star striker of the Chicago Blackhawks is back on the team. This player has been absent for over a month due to confirmed COVID-19. Every player diagnosed with COVID-19 is put on the NHL list. He is not allowed to continue his professional activities and take part in games until he is recovered.
Yes, it was with Patrick Kane. Many doubted whether it was worth releasing this attacker on the ice immediately after recovering. But after the first game, the athlete proved that the team lacked him. After playing his first game, he scored three goals and brought his team a victory. Kane helped the team to recover from a very bad start to the competition. The first 9 games were completely lost, which could be worse. But thanks to Patrick Kane, the team’s morale rose, and hoped that they could still win back and rise to the top.
Patrick Kane also added that during his first game, there was excitement and emotion from fans, although the building was not filled. He noted that he thanks all the fans who came to support the team, as well as how they watched the game online. This helped them win and return to duty.

Source: ESPN

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