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Don’t make these mistakes while betting on hockey

While doing something new almost always we lean forward making mistakes. Hockey betting is not an exception. In order to succeed here at first it’s obligatory to study the bad experience of the other gamblers so as not to fall into the same trap. In this article we will take to pieces the general mistakes made while hockey staking.

Tips: what not to do if betting on hockey

Let’s puzzle out step by step.

Reluctance to study coaches’ biographies
Hockey is not about stickhandlers, but coaches. An experienced coach with a mediocre roster will beat a young colleague with stars on the rink. Coaching experience is especially important in the playoffs, where newcomers have virtually no chance. So if you place a bet on a new fresher coach, the chances to win reduces significantly.

Disparagement of goalkeeper performance
In a hockey team the goalkeeper plays the most important role. The over/under total often depends not on the forwards, but on the performance of this sportsman. If a goalkeeper is on a roll and has played some great games, it is worth gambling on the team he/she represents.

Ignorance of the teams’ playing style
One of the common mistakes that a gamester makes when staking on a hockey team without knowing of its playing style. For example, the game can be built from the defense – horizontal hockey. Thus if the defenders actively run forward – it is vertical (productive) hockey. Understanding the tactical nuances helps to choose the right total stake and, moreover, comparing the competitors’ styles can help to predict the winner.

Non-building on the schedule
In this discipline it’s necessary to consider that some leagues may plan the matches in a ‘tight’ way, so if the team you are going to bet on has recently, maybe, one day ago, played the match with another one, there will be no wonder if it loses. Therefore the physical and mental shape of the crew, thus your possible gain, depends on the schedule largely.

Depreciation of ´back to back´team
´Back to Back´ is the situation when a crew plays two matches in one day.
Inexperienced gamblers make mistakes betting against such a team. Actually, it may be correct only if the crew has led a productive emotional game and after that is supposed to play against an equally strong opponent with good motivation.

Counting on home matches
Lots of gamesters believe that if a crew loses a match at home, the next nearly-planned home game will be losing too, and that to place on a negative handicap is the best option.
Indeed, in soccer this scheme can pass, but hockey is absolutely different. At least because of the ‘tight’ and intense tournament schedule.As a result, it does not matter if it’s a home or off-site match.

Non-counting on the sixth stickhandler.
Usually when there is a couple of minutes of regulation or extra time left, a goalkeeper can come in on the rink playing to the other 5 sportsmen.
In this case it’s worth mentioning, but no-one can predict ‘the sixth stickhandler’ rotation, so don’t try to build the whole bet on it.

Misstep in gambling on the national team matches
For example, while the World Cup tournament is held bettors like to place stakes on matches where the clear favorite plays against a full outsider.
But it’s not right. Bookmakers usually put low odds on the leader’s victory, thus gamesters heavily overload the minus handicap.

So how to avoid mistakes when betting on hockey?

Betting on hockey, as well as on any other sport, should be considered as a serious occupation to succeed in. Study all available information about the teams, stickhandlers, their performance, shape and motivation. Just analyze and bet.


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