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COVID-19 Meets Pittsburgh Penguins Coach Mike Sullivan

In a very important match for the Pittsburgh Penguins, which they were supposed to compete against the Philadelphia Flyers, Mike Sullivan missed. The whole reason is that he has confirmed COVID-19.
It all happened very unexpectedly. Indeed, even a few days before the game itself, there was no reason to believe that the head coach of the team had contracted COVID-19. Only a few hours before the actual game, the team’s management announced that their head coach was ill and would not be able to attend the game. But this situation will not interfere with the holding of this event, so the game will take place.
During this game, Sullivan’s assistant Todd Reirden took over as head coach. This did not affect the team’s performance in any way and the Pittsburgh Penguins were able to win the game 3-2.
But the main concern is that the Pittsburgh Penguins have been battling the spread of COVID-19 since mid-September. The reason for this was the opening of a training camp. According to NHL protocol, a team member must even have initial symptoms. That is why several players from the main squad were unable to take part in the last game. Difficulties did not affect their performance in any way.

Source: ESPN

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